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Fairview led 74-56 when Marty Rehor picked up a rebound from a Pirates miss and threw a pass to Martin Lowry, who sat on the right wing in front of the Warriors bench. Lowry up - Fifth teammate and back in defence, which you can believe when you look at his face. Barry joked about his big three: 'It would be nice if we shared the basketball with other people,' he said. When you know the game - ups are there when the matches are there - you explode and tonight was good.

Reserved activity camp selections can be cancelled if the competence evaluation is not completed or cancelled within five days of ordering. If any of the activities at the camp are still pending, you will receive a refund of up to $1,000 in cash and / or a day pass to the camp.

If your child is unable to participate in the program as registered, the registration fee for future Skyhawks Sports programs will be waived by calling 800 - 804 - 3509. The registration will be processed as soon as the child has completed the competence test and the provider has dispensed with the competence test. Skyhawk's offers to rent all the equipment necessary for participation in the programs for the price indicated.

The maximum purchase price is based on the fact that you are already registered and the program is completed within 48 hours of adding one to your shopping cart. If you select one that requires a competence assessment, the actual total will be calculated at the end of the registration period. After the 48 hours, you have the option to reserve your seat or select a list and register for it.

Fairview went to Buckeye High School to face the Bucks in a non-conference game for the first time in school history on Friday night. Fairview won 44-31, pushing it further ahead of the rest of the conference. Rocky River hosted Normandy on Saturday night and fell to 1-3 on the season to try to recover from its two-game losing streak.

Fairview's Big Three led the way with 17 points, 10 rebounds, four assists and three steals in the first half and 15 points in overtime.

Backup players Rehor and Ethan McQuate scored three points together, helping the Pirates take the lead after falling behind 22-19 in the second quarter on a possession ball. Knowing that stealing was a gamble, the defense made many open shots to the Big Three, who scored 13 points each and made three three-point throws. The pace of Rocky River was faster than Barry had expected as they played a diamond-studded court press. The strategy worked when the 1: 2 defence fell behind after the three scorers in the first half and the extra time. It helped them take a 39-31 lead at halftime and hold it in their hands for the rest of the game.

The 1: 2: 2 defense was designed to open fast breaks and defend shooters like Ruma, but it also had to defend the shooter Ruma. The money will be raised to support institutions, doctors and organizations that are committed to improving the treatment of childhood cancer and to finding a cure.

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