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In the decades of the 1920s, Cleveland's number of hotels grew from 125 to 125, and it took nearly 200 years. These hotels made Cleveland a leading convention center in the 1930s and 1940s and a major tourist destination during the Great Depression.

The expanded facilities available to guests were best illustrated by the Rocky River Hotel, a 16-story building that housed a restaurant, bar, hotel rooms, a hairdresser's and a cinema. This four-storey hotel had 150 rooms with a full-service restaurant and bar, where music was played, an indoor pool and tennis courts.

Economic hardship led to the owners of the motel selling it to the Sheraton Corporation of America for three million dollars. Wright Tavern had been standing here since 1816 and was replaced a few decades later by the sprawling Silverthorne Inn and Tavern. There were many other hotels in the area, the notable exception being Weddell House, which kept the same name from 1847 to 1961. In 1970, this building was demolished to provide more space for the Rocky River Hotel and its sister hotel.

The Sheraton rented out several rooms to the airline each month, which were used by the airline's staff and equipped with rooms. The hotel provided the rooms for the airlines, which in turn used them as tenants of the hotel as accommodation for their employees. It is undisputed that the Sheraton has received more than its fair share of income from the various lodges and agreements with airlines and their employees, and that it has a long history of business relationships with them. Some of these airlines did indeed sleep in the hotel rooms they rented, but the staff who slept in those rooms did not pay any compensation to any hotel.

The airline is required to provide the Sheraton with a list of all authorized crew members who are eligible to receive accommodation and it is stipulated that hotel staff must be kept available to the airline. This provides for a room rent, which is paid monthly by the airlines for each authorized crewman. As required by law, airlines are considered temporary guests if they occupy rooms for less than thirty consecutive days. All income from occupancy is subject to temporary occupancy tax.

Rocky River complies with Chapter 173 by requiring all hotels and motels in the city to file monthly tax returns. Next, Rocky River argues that the airline uses the Sheraton as a temporary guest bed, making it temporarily subject to occupancy tax, and that all revenues generated by the airlines are subject to their own tax rate. Finally, they argue that every airline - revenue from the tax - is not subject to the opposite. Since the Sheraton cannot provide tax exemption in clear and unambiguous terms, an airline cannot be exempt from tax.

Rocky River then urges us to conclude that these people and employees are temporary guests. Since the regulation defines "temporary guests," the simple meaning of this sentence is irrelevant.

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Palm trees from Florida are planted in the lobby of the Sahara Motor Hotel, along with red geraniums, mountain berries and rhododendrons. Life couldn't have been much easier for the owners of the Rocky River Pink Palace, which comes into view just after the bridge over Lakewood in the 1920s. It shows children playing on the swing at the back and sliding a few metres down the slope into the river behind the building.

In an era when the Rocky River was so agricultural that it was called Cleveland's vegetable garden, the Westlake Hotel was the ultimate in ostentatious elegance, especially since it happened to be on the west side. The Eells built their Beach Cliff estate decades before the Rocky River mansion was completed. This steep slope overlooking the Rocky River, with its views of Lakewood and the river, has always been a place of hospitality.

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More About Rocky River